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Orovet Oral Rinse for Dogs and Cats

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To freshen breath

Orovet Oral Rinse contains Chlorhexidine, which is the most potent antiseptic in oral hygiene. It is a highly effective chemical agent for the prevention and reduction of plaque accumulation and gingivitis in cats and dogs.

• 0.20% Chlorhexidine digluconate

• Saccharine

• Methylcellulose

• Apply 10ml (±20 pumps) twice daily to the gum (gingiva) and inside (mucosa) of the lips for at least 10 days

• Do not rinse the animal's mouth after application, or give it water for 10-20 minutes

• Do not apply rinse to the animal's mouth 1 hour before or after a meal

Side effects:

• Slight bitter after taste

• Prolonged use can cause tooth pellicle staining

• Skin reactions


• Broad spectrum of effectivity against gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts and certain lipophilic viruses

• Orovet inhibits the formation of plaque by reducing the absorption of further plaque components

• The bacteria in existing plaque is killed, therefore diminishing the metabolic end products from these bacteria that will lead to gingivitis

• Chlorhexidine has the ability to bind to oral mucosa and skin. This makes it ideal as it will not be washed out of the mouth rapidly

• Chlorhexidine will promote healing in the oral cavity after oral surgery, by reducing the risk of secondary infections

• SABS tested and approved

Available in a 250ml bottle