Health Nut Pet - Hydrolised Gelatine

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Optimal Health through Balanced Nutrition

Collagen production decreases significantly as your pet gets older and is the source of serious and painful degenerative bone and joint diseases. Gelatin is an effective joint supplement and will ease your dog's pain.

Health Nut gelatin powder is of bovine origin, it contains no fat, carbohydrates, gluten, purines or cholesterol and is non-allergenic. It is produced exclusively from natural proteins and contains no E-number. 

Health Nut gelatin powder also assist with hip dysplasia, canine epilepsy, arthritis, seizures, brain damage and inflammation.  

Guaranteed analysis:

• Nutritional information per 100g

Energy 1500kj Proline 12.4%
Protein 96g Hydroxyproline 11.9%
Fat NIL Lysine 3.5%
Carbohydrate NIL Hydroxylysine 1%
Sugars NIL Leusine 3.3%
Sodium 250mg Isoleusine 1.5%
Glycine 21.4% Methionine 0.7%
Alanine 8.9% Phenylalanine 2.4%
Arginine 7.8% Serine 3.6%
Aspartic Acid 6% Threonine 2.1%
Glutamic Acid 10% Tyrosine 0.5%
Histidine 0.8% Valine 2.2%

Feeding guidelines:

• Twice a day added to food
• Dogs 4.5 - 11.5kg - ½ tsp
• Dogs 11.5 - 22.5kg - 1 tsp
• Dogs 22.5 - 34kg - 2 tsp
• Dogs 34 - 50+kg - 1 tbsp

Product features:

• Assist with seizures and brain damage
• Assist with hip dysplasia
• Reduces painful inflammation
• Promotes a healthy digestive system
• Promotes healthy skin, coat and blood cell growth
• Improves alertness and energy
• Strengthen tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones
• Promotes cartilage growth and development, especially in the joints and ears
• Aids in prevention of arthritis, arthrosis and other degenerative joint disorders and diseases

Available in one size:

• 300g