GCS Joint Care Advanced Liquid

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Nutritional aid in the management of degenerative joint disease in dogs.

Just pump onto the food. The tasty chicken flavoured liquid is loved by dogs. Will provide your dog with highly effective joint support. It’s fitted with a pump that delivers 2.5ml with each pump action for easy measuring.

Now, healthy joints are just a pump away.

Now with Collagen, GLME, Omega-3, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate (7-10 kDa) and MSM

What is Osteoarthritis?

• Also known as Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
• A common problem affecting young dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia and older dogs with general aging and stiffness of the joints.
• Progressive degenerative condition (gets worse over time) that affects the joints
• Leads to pain, inflammation and discomfort

How will I know that my dog has osteoarthritis?

• Joint stiffness when getting up

• Activity impaired like difficulty getting:
– in and out of car
– up and down stairs
– on and off the bed

• Stiff after walks

• Limping

• Pain and discomfort

Reg. No. V27363 (Act 36/1947)

Manganese Sulphate 2,5mg
Collagen Type II 30mg
Vitamin C 50mg
Vitamin E 50mg
Green Lipped Mussel Extract 200mg
Chondroitin Sulphate 240mg
Omega-3 fish oil (microencapsulated) 250mg
MSM 250mg
Glucosamine HCI 500mg

For initiation of treatment double the dose for the first 3 weeks. One pump is equivalent to 2,5ml.

Administer once daily over dogs food. Dose can be adjusted to meets the dog’s needs with a maximum of 20ml per day.

Administer as per below dose table or as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Weight Dosage
Up to 5kg 1,25ml (1/2 pump) daily
6 - 10kg 2,5ml (1 pump) daily
11 - 20kg 5ml (2 pumps) daily
21 - 30kg 7,5ml (3 pumps) daily
31 - 45kg 10ml (4 pumps) daily
Over 45kg 15ml (6 pumps) daily

• Supports joint health in dogs

• Chicken flavoured liquid

• Use with ageing cartilage and signs of joint degeneration

• Can also be used in young adult and adolescent dogs 

Available in a 250ml pump bottle