SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant

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A broad spectrum biocide effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and bacterial and fungal spores

A safe & effective (broad spectrum) disinfectant with added detergent for cleaning and high level disinfection of lightly soiled areas. Capable of lowering the microbial load whilst cleaning and the ideal product to use as part of an effective two-stage cleaning and disinfection programme.

F10 SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant is low-foaming and can be used on all surfaces. Ideal for cleaning and disinfection of floor surfaces, animal housing, basins, food & water containers, litter trays, waste bins and cleaning equipment. It can also be used for soaking and disinfection of bedding.

The core actives of all the disinfectant products are quaternary ammonium and biguanide compound, with non toxic ampholytic surfactants and sequesterants.

• Environmental general disinfection dilute 1:500 (2ml / l water)

• High level disinfection (including fungal spores) dilute 1:250 (4ml / l water)

• Resistant viruses and bacterial spores dilute 1:100 (10ml / l water)

• Sterilisation of instruments/equipment dilute 1:100 (10ml / l water)

Available in two sizes:

• 200ml

• 1 Litre