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Non-medicated, gentle, ear cleaning solution for dogs & cats.

CleanEar is an aqueous solution of organic acids which gently lowers the pH of the ear. This helps to separate dead tissue from the healthy tissue, and also discourages growth of bacteria, fungi and yeast. It also contains ingredients to help dry out the ear tissue and to dissolve and remove wax and other secretions. Contains organic acids, propylene glycol and docusate (to dissolve wax) in an aqueous base.

Clean Ear contains malic acid (2,25%), benzoic acid (0,15%), salicylic acid (0,0375%), docusate sodium (2%) in a propylene glycol base. The organic acids gently lower the pH of the ear canal.

The low pH produced by these acids causes a slight swelling of the ear tissues. Because necrotic tissue swells at a faster rate than healthy tissue, it separates quite easily from healthy tissue. The dead tissue sloughs off and the healthy underlying tissue remains undamaged, providing a good environment for healing. The low pH also discourages bacterial, yeast and fungal growth.

Clean Ear also contains docusate sodium and propylene glycol. These two substances allow the solution to:

• remain in contact with ear tissue for longer
• act as a solvent for excess grease and cerumen
• dry out the ear canal
• exert a mild antibacterial and antifungal action
• ease the removal of dead tissue, scales and other debris

• Hold the dog or cat's head to the side and instill 5 to 10 drops twice daily in the affected ear(s)

• Massage gently to assist with the break-up of debris

• Use a cotton swab to remove all excess wax en debris

• Use after swimming in dogs prone to ear problems

• Use as an aid in re-establishing the ear's micro-climate and normal flora after illness and treatment

• Use for the removal of debris in ears in cases of ear-mite infestations to allow better penetration of miticidal preparations

• Use for the removal of crusts, excess wax, exidate and other debris from the canine and feline ear

Available in two sizes:

• 30ml dropper bottle

• 100ml dropper bottle