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Pro-Kolin is a palatable probiotic paste which aids in the normalisation of gut peristalsis

Probiotics are live microbial supplements which can be given orally to restore and maintain the balance of micro-organisms in the intestinal tract, to combat bacterial overgrowth and episodes of diarrhoea caused by a transient imbalance of the gut flora.

The probiotic micro-organism also competes with harmful bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella by creating an unfavourable pH environment. Pro-Kolin also contains kaolin and pectin, natural binding agents which coat the lining of the gut, plus prebiotics, a selective source of food for the beneficial micro-organisms within the gut.



Contains Protexin, probiotic Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 EC No 13, 2 x 1011 CFU per kg, soya oil, kaolin, pectin, preplex (prebiotic), artificial beef flavouring.

There are no restrictions on the use of Pro-Kolin. Can be administered concurrently with antibiotics.

• Contains Enterococcus Faecium probiotic, the natural "friendly" bacteria (microflora) to help restore the animal's own gut environment through competitive exclusion. 

• Contains Preplex, a unique blend, dual source prebiotic consisting of Fructo Oligosaccharide (FOS) and Gum Arabic, to nourish the probiotics across more of GI tract, enhancing colonization and growth.

• Contains Pectin, a soluble fibre which can be fermented in the intestine to provide an energy source for beneficial bacteria, also acting as a binding agent to firm up faeces.

• A muco-protective agent which relieves pain and inflamation of the intestinal mucosa

• Optimized levels of Kaolin clay, a historic medical clay with electrostatic surface binding agent with absorbent properties, unaffected by GI tract pH, binding pathogens and toxins

• No partial degration in stomachs

• Artificial beef flavour, free from proteins and common allergens, ideal to use in food-allergic animals

Available in two sizes:

• 15ml calibrated syringe
• 30ml calibrated syringe