Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit

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The Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit provides new born puppies with everything they need for their healthy development. The Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit is mainly intended for those puppies that cannot get bitch's milk (e.g. orphaned or rejected puppies or those nursing but requiring supplementation), but the kit can also be used for growing puppies, geriatric dogs and even dogs under stress or convalescing. The Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit is packed with the nutritional essentials a puppy requires to develop and grow and reach its full potential from birth. All the products in the kit have been scientifically formulated to support puppy development.

The Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit contains: 

• Milko-Pup 250g

A nutritious milk replacement containing vitamins and the correct proportions of fat and protein to match bitch's milk. Milko-Pup also contains biotin, folic acid & fluoride required for bone & tooth development. It is also high in zinc - important for a healthy skin and coat.

• Pet Nurser Kit

The kit contains feeders for the prepared Milko-Pup mixture, including:

1 x 50ml Nursing Bottle

2 x Silicone Teats

1 x Bottle cleaning Brush

The feeding bottle and teats are specially designed for the puppy mouth.

• Protexin® Soluble 60g

A natural multi-strain probiotic powder formulated to establish good gut flora in puppies to promote normal growth and development. This helps the puppy cope with stressful situations encountered, such as change in the surroundings, change in the diet, transport in the car, etc. It is ideally mixed with Milko-Pup, when it reduces the chances of diarrhoea and other stomach upsets. It also improves the puppy's immunity and resistance to disease.

• PuppyMild Shampoo 25ml Sachet

A gentle low-foaming, conditioning shampoo that suits the grooming needs of puppies.

• PetDent® 5ml Oral Gel Sachet

A palatable gel to promote oral hygiene in puppies. It is recommended for use when brushing is not practical.

All products in the Milko-Pup Infant Starter Kit are packed as 'snug as a bug' in a convenient & trendy carry case. This is a must-have for new puppy owners who want to give their pets the best start in life.