Milbemax Chewable Deworming

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As a responsible pet owner, it's natural for you to keep your pet healthy and safe. 

It is virtually impossible to stop your pet from coming into contact with enternal parasites. Worms in particular can be picked up from just about anywhere - inside or out. And your pet can look healthy on the outside, even when it has an infestation on the inside. So it may be hard to spot the symptoms until the problem is severe.

The only practical way to protect your pet, is to deworm your pet regularly.

Worms can affect people and thus regular deworming is particularly important if your pet comes into contact with people, particularly children or those with a lowered immune system, as some worm infestations can cause illness in humans.

How often should you deworm?

From 2 weeks (Milbemax Chewable can only be given from 6 weeks of age) up to 6 months old:  Monthly

Over 6 months of age:  A minimum of four times per year.



Dosage Instructions:

• Milbemax Kitten & Small Cat: 0.5 to 1kg - ½ tablet
• Milbemax Kitten & Small Cat: 1 to 2kg - 1 tablet

• Milbemax Cat: 2 to 4kg - ½ tablet
• Milbemax Cat: 4 to 8kg - 1 tablet

• Milbemax Puppy & Small Dog: 1 to 5kg - 1 tablet

• Milbemax Large Dog: 5 to 25kg - 1 tablet
• Milbemax Large Dog: 25 to 50kg - 2 tablets
• Milbemax Large Dog: 50 to 75kg - 3 tablets

Available in four sizes:

• Milbemax Kitten & Small Cat - 0.5 to 2kg 
• Milbemax Cat - 2 to 8kg 
• Milbemax Puppy & Small Dog - 1 to 5kg 
• Milbemax Large Dog - 5 to 75kg