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Puppy Mild Shampoo

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Gentle Shampoo for puppies.

Puppy Mild Shampoo is a gentle, low-foaming conditioning shampoo scientifically formulated to suit the needs of puppies.

Sebaceous glands, which produce natural oils that lubricate a dog's skin and coat are usually underactive in puppies. As the dog grows, these glands will become more productive and will eventually generate sufficient oil to keep the dog's skin properly lubricated. Using a shampoo with mild surfactants will ensure that the coat is not stripped of it's natural oils.

Although specifically formulated for puppies, Puppy Mild Shampoo is safe for use in dogs of all ages.

Low-foaming Puppy-Mild shampoo contains a unique blend of mild surfactants, conditioning agents, moisturisers and mildness additives to effectively clean but not strip the coat of its natural oils.

Wet the coat with warm water. Use Puppy-Mild shampoo liberally to create a good lather. Wash well and rinse with warm water.

• Can be used on puppies of all ages