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Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray

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Purl Freshness Spray Purl No. 2 Spray
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Antibacterial moisturising deodorant spray for pets

Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray is a moisturising, conditioning deodorant spray with a pleasing "baby powder" or Spicy aromatic fragrance that can be used on cats, dogs and small animals.

Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray can be used for:

• Dogs and cats with dry skin and coat - the product has emolient properties to soften and smooth skin, while at the same time assisting the skin to retain moisture and reduce irritation.
• As a deodoriser for pets with bad body odour - the fragrance can last for up to 5 days, depending on the type of coat and behaviour of pet.
• As an aid when grooming to make brushing easier.
• When animals cannot be bathed.

How does Purl Freshness Deodorant Spray work?

The product contains triclosan, an effective, broad spectrum antimicrobial agent with long lasting activity. It provides protection for the coat and skin against micro-organisms which could be the cause of bad odours. It contains hydrating and softening agents which help to retain moisture and keep skin and coat soft. This, in turn, reduces the cycle of itching and irritation. The base is quick drying. Once it has evaporated, it leaves a fine, non-greasy film on the surface of the coat.

Ethyl alcohol, water, alpha-hydroxy acid, hydrating agent, glycerol, perfume, triclosan

• For any type of coat

• Purl spray gets rid of bad odours and replaces them with a pleasant smell, lasting up to three days

• Available in two fragrance options, Freshness Spray with a Baby Powder fragrance or No. 2 Spray with a Spicy Aromatic smell

• Has emolient properties, to soften and smooth skin

• Helps coat and retain skin moisture

• Reduces irritation

• Contains triclosan, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent which kills bacteria that may cause odours

Available in a 200ml trigger spray bottle