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Pet Patrol Dog Grooming Wipes

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Specially formulated to neutralise odours, Pet Patrol™ Dog Grooming Wipes are the perfect way to keep a dog clean, fresh and smelling great. The specially designed wipe fabric also helps trap dirt and loose hairs.  

Regularly grooming your dog's coat helps to keep it in good condition and smelling fresh and clean. Pet Patrol Dog grooming wipes are ideal for use between bathing to quickly refresh your pet's coat.

What is Byotrol? Byotrol is a revolutionary germ-beating technology. Byotrol kills 99.9% of germs, unpleasant odours are removed, not masked. Byotrol's gentle, long-lasting barrier and cleaning action helps to keep your pet and home hygienic and smelling fresh.

• Wipe all over the coat to remove loose hair, avoiding contact with eyes and the inside of the ears

• Dispose of with household waste, do not flush

• If odour persists, we recommend that you consult your vet

• Reseal packet after use

• Byotrol kills 99.9% of germs

• Helps to keep your pet and home hygienic and smelling fresh

• Avoid contact with eyes

• Use within three months

10 Wipes per pack