Massage Slicker Brush

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Cleans and stimulates the skin

The Massage Slickers flexibility ensures that a natural grooming action is used offering maximum comfort and control to the groomer. The nodule teeth massage and stimulate the skin and at the same time assist in removal of loose and dead hair, whilst the ergonomic handle provides a more controlled and precise groom.

Ideal for most breeds of dogs, especially those with short/ medium coats.

For wet grooming, the Massage Slickers can be used to lather up shampoo by using gentle circular motions, this will allow the teeth to massage and stimulate the skin.

Use a stroking action when using the Massage Slickers for dry grooming to allow the teeth to remove any dead or unwanted hair leaving the coat clean and healthy

• 3 pronged rubber bristles to trap loose hair

• Left or right handed

• High quality rubber

• Cleans and stimulates the skin

• For wet and dry grooming

Available in two sizes:

• Small

• Large