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Beyond Compare

The perfectly designed two-color leash is an ingenious eye-catcher any way you look at it. New Comfort gives you all the features you want for the walk you'll love. More control through better brakes. More accessories like the LED Lighting System or the Multi Box for storing treats or waste-bag rolls. So enjoy your walk!

• 3 and 5 meter tape lengths

• Two-colour design with colour-coordinated brake button

• Ergonomic grip through the adjustable handle

• Chromed snap hook

• Reliable handling thanks to the efficient short-stop one-handed braking system

• Can be customizes with accessories like the LED Light System and/or the Multi Box for waste bags or treats

Available in four sizes:

• X-Small (3m tape for dogs up to 12kg)
• Small (5m tape for dogs up to 15kg)
• Medium (5m tape for dogs up to 25kg)
• Large (5m tape for dogs up to 60kg) 

Available in five colours:

• Blue
• Green
• Grey
• Pink
• Red