Wolfskin Sweater

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Wolfskin Blue Wolfskin Grey
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A soft knitted sweater

The perfect pullover for a chilly day when you want to cuddle.

• Super Comfort

• High Durability

• Breathable

• Washable

• Rogz signature quality

Available in four sizes:

• 20cm - Chihuahua, Tea Cup Poodle or Yorkie
• 25cm - Yorkie, Maltese
• 32cm - Poodle, Pug
• 40cm - Spaniel, Terrier or Beagle

Body Length Chest Diameter Neck Diameter
20cm 28cm 20cm
25cm 38cm 25cm
32cm 49cm 32cm
40cm 60cm 39cm

Breeds are only an indication

Available in two colours:

• Blue
• Grey