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Mucky Pup Pedigree Princess Top Dog
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Because best friends should match!

A collar for your pet and matching friendship bracelet just for you.

Our original collection re-creates the beauty of the friendship bracelet, one to wear, the other to share. Usually these woven threads fray and break however our printed patterns are durable and wipe-clean, so they will stand the test of time!

Match your best friend in style with FriendshipCollar. Our ethically sourced vegan leather accessories are the perfect fit to display the bond between you and your loved one. At FriendshipCollar we believe that comfort, style and sustainability are key. Our products are the world’s first PETA approved vegan pet product. We wouldn’t dream of putting anything on our animals that we would not wear ourselves. All our products are soft, supple and most importantly animal friendly.

In 8 different sizes you are sure to find the perfect fit whether you have a tiny tea-cup pup or a huge cuddly Newfoundland! Our collection is finished with gold-plated hardware. Our cat collars feature breakaway safety clasps. Additional bracelets are available for purchase, so that all of the family can match, whilst matching
gold plated charm sets add extra embellishment!

Your constant companion deserves the very best. Whether you have a feline friend or canine chum, our matching collars & bracelets symbolize and display the powerful bond between you and your pet. In vibrant colours, striking printed patterns and embellished materials, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your
furry best friend.

Friendship bracelets signify a binding relationship of love and trust. One to wear, the other to share. They are a way to fashionably flaunt your friendship and represent your past, present and future adventures together. Embrace the timeless appeal of the friendship bracelet with FriendshipCollar.


We want your FriendshipCollar to be as long lasting as your friendship! To keep your matching accessories looking brand new, we advise that you care for them and clean them as follows:


All of our collections are created using animal-friendly vegan leather. No animals have been harmed in creating your matching accessories. We are 100% cruelty free and believe that no animals should suffer for fashion. You and your best friends can wear your accessories with the knowledge that our products are ethical, animal friendly, sustainable, high fashion, on trend and even softer than leather! All of our hardware is gold-plated for a high end finish.

FriendshipCollar are proud to be the World’s first PETA-Approved Vegan pet products. Love & friendship is instilled into every one of our products.

For those with paws

Our Main Collection is soft, durable and water resistant, so if you are a Mucky Pup or if you get your FriendshipCollar wet we suggest you ask your best friend to wipe the collar clean using a damp cloth, and then pat dry! We do not recommend any biting or chewing! So.. paws off and gnawing in not advised! Store in the white drawstring bag provided to keep them safe and clean.

Caring for The Boutique Collection is a little more tricky! This collection is also made with vegan leather, however the Premium fabrics mean that they should be saved for best and kept dry! Store these in the pouch bag, to keep them safe & clean.

For those with fingers & thumbs

Our matching bracelets are super soft to wear, durable and water resistant, however we do not recommend that you wear them in the shower, pool or in the sea. And if your happy pooch slobbers on them be sure to wipe them clean using a damp cloth and then pat them dry!

Dog Collars

To ensure that your dog looks effortlessly stylish and most importantly that they are very comfortable please see the sizing chart below before you make your purchase.

Take a flexible tape measure and measure your dog’s neck. If you do not have a tape measure you can use a piece of string and measure with a ruler. A rule of thumb is to leave an allowance for two fingers to fit between the collar and your dog, for the most comfortable fit. There is some overlap with the sizing of our collars, which means that for most dogs there will be two dog collar sizes that should fit.

Sizing Chart

We understand that if you’re buying a FriendshipCollar as a gift then it’s not always possible to measure the lucky pup’s neck, so we’ve created a size chart with our recommendations for some popular breeds.

Sizing Chart

Cat Collars

Our Cat Collars come in one size only. These are adjustable and have been made with a breakaway safety clasp. They have been designed to open and fall off your cat if subjected to a certain amount of pressure. This will ensure that your cat cannot get hurt if the collar should get caught on a piece of furniture or any other surface.

We advise that you adjust your cats collar, leaving one or two finger widths between your cat collar and your cat’s neck. This will ensure a comfortable fit. You should check that your cat collar is not too tight and that it does not affect your cat’s breathing or movement.


Our bracelets have a metal buckle closure, these are adjustable to fit a variety of wrist sizes, like a watch strap. We want you to be comfortable too! Slide the end of the bracelet through the tan colored tab for an easier and neater fit.