Waterproof Premium Country Beds

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Keep your dog’s bed clean and healthy with Waterproof Premium Country Beds

The Waterproof Premium Country Bed is ideal for active dogs that love to run, swim and get down and dirty. You don’t have to fret each time your wet pooch gets into bed to relax after playtime in the swimming pool. If Fido’s bed is smelly and wet, simply remove the waterproof covers and pillow and was as per the instructions. With the Waterproof Premium Country Bed you have a great pet bed for the whole year without additional bedding changes needed between summer and winter.

• Waterproof Premium Country Bed covers are 100% removable which allow for easy cleaning

• The base is made of a heavy duty, waterproof 300/600 denier

• The bolster is made of a durable waterproof 300/600 polyester oxford outdoor treated polyester with water & stain resistance

• Polyester oxford is a 100% polyester fabric that has a PU coating

• Each bed is fitted with a heavy duty luggage zip that can handle the strain of regular washing

• The centre cushion is multi-functional with winter fleece on the one side for cooler months and a lighter material for summer

• The centre cushion can be zipped open and washed to get rid of odours

• Cotton handles on both sides of the bed allow for easy moving

Available in five sizes:

• Large (64 x 48 x 22cm)
• X-Large (70 x 55 x 25cm)
• 2X-Large (86 x 66 x 26cm)
• 3X-Large (100 x 70 x 30cm)
• 4X-Large (110 x 95 x 35cm)

Available in four colours:

• Beige with Brown cushion
• Black with Grey cushion
• Grey with Olive cushion
• Navy with Navy cushion