Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

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The average dog sleeps 50% of its life - why not make comfort their number one priority.

For a healthier life with all of the benefits that come with the memory foam technology, why not extend this level of comfort and health to your best bud? These memory foam dog beds will improve the lifestyle and well-being of your beloved pets. Made with memory foam technology, the Dog-O-Pedic beds are endorsed by animal specialists and carry a 1-year guarantee. Dog-O-Pedic memory foam dog beds come in a variety of sizes and are made using high quality memory foam. The mattresses are manufactured locally and only the strongest fabrics available are used. Dog-O-Pedic memory foam dog beds come with fully washable, durable zip covers for easy cleaning and washing. Just like humans, dogs have various postures and in order to ensure your dog’s posture is supported by a comfortable and orthopedic sleeping mattress or bed, memory foam is the best material to use. It works in a way that keeps your dog’s posture straight instead of curled. The foam helps to create a weightless sleeping environment. The beds are double layered and are also water resistant which is great for durability.

Product features:

• Water resistant inner
• Pressure relieving
• Zero upward pressure
• Unsurpassed durability
• Fully washable zip cover (Cold wash, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron)
• Dual layer mattress construction
• Weightless sleeping environment
• Hand Crafted & made in South Africa
• Designed to keep your Dogs posture straight instead of curled

Guarantee and care instructions:

• Dog-O-Pedic has a 1-Year guarantee on the memory foam mattress never losing its shape and feel
• The guarantee does not cover the stitching, fabric or zips
• The memory foam is covered in a water resistant cover. If the memory foam in the mattress is exposed to water the guarantee falls away
• Never wash the memory foam
• The guarantee falls away if the mattress gets abused
• Guarantee is only valid with a proof of purchase
• Transport cost of a guarantee claim will be at the expense of the customer

Available in four sizes:

• Small - 73 x 55 x 8cm 
• Medium - 100 x 76 x 8cm
• Large - 115 x 86 x 8cm
• Giant - 130 x 100 x 8cm

Mattresses can also be custom made according to size requirements. Please contact us for a quotation.

Available in two colours:

• Grey Suede with a chocolate brown border
• Stone Suede with a chocolate brown border.

The cover is completely removable and washable and the memory foam is covered in a water resistant fabric.