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A man's best friend is his DOG. It is therefore natural for man to do everything he can to make life as comfortable and enjoyable for his best friend as possible.  This is especially the case with dog beds and other sleeping arrangements. Many owners, trying to create a comfortable environment for their dogs, give them puffy, soft cushions to sleep on. This may be comfortable, but the pillow itself creates an environment for mites, fleas and the like to flourish and breed. Obviously, this is not ideal... This is where Hound Sleeper comes in: the Hound Sleeper provides a comfortable, hygienic environment for the dog to sleep.

What is the Hound Sleeper?

The Hound Sleeper has a strong metal, powder coated frame able to support large breed dogs. The canvas cover is a double layer of 1000 density fabric securely stitched. The canvas will stretch over time depending on the weight of the dog. This is not a problem as the softer canvas forms a hammock and the dogs body then nests comfortably in the bed. When dogs dig holes in the garden to lie in, the hole is burrowed out for them to nest. It would be the shape of the hammock bed. The Original Green Hound Sleeper is perfect for indoors on carpeted floors where it will catch the dirt shed from the dog's coat. It is a hardy bed with strength and longevity.

The Black Patio Hound Sleeper is made from textilene fabric and is UV protected. The fabric has small holes which will allow any moisture or dirt on the dog to sift through onto the surface below the bed.  The Patio Hound Sleeper will be ideal for swimming dogs as the water will drain through the holes provided. The Patio Hound Sleeper is designed to be used outdoors. It can be used inside on a tiled floor which can be easily cleaned by moving the bed.  Preferably not on carpeted areas unless vacuumed regularly.  The Patio Hound Sleeper will be cooler in summer for the dogs as the air will circulate around and through the fabric.  FLEA FREE... there will be no place for fleas to hide and breed. The Hound Sleeper can be used outdoors but preferably in covered areas otherwise the canvas will perish if left in the sun.


The Hound Sleeper provides a HEALTHY environment by allowing the dogs to sleep elevated off the ground. While dogs of all ages will benefit from the Hound Sleeper, this is especially useful for mature dogs and those with arthritic and hip complaints. Getting up and down off the elevated bed is easier than getting up off the ground. By putting their front paws on the ground they pull their back legs off the bed


The design of the Hound Sleeper is COMFORTABLE for the dog, supporting its weight evenly over the surface of the hammock. The strong frame and durable double layer fabric can comfortably carry the weight of dogs in excess of 70 kilograms. In addition, its design keeps it completely off the ground other than the base of each of the four legs that rest on the floor.


The Hound Sleeper also provides a HYGIENIC environment for the dog to sleep because of the ease with which the bed can be washed. The bed can be scrubbed down with soap and water, hosed off and then left to dry. A couple of hours in the sun will see it clean and ready to be used again. It is recommended that this be done regularly.

Available sizes:

• Medium - 810mm x 810mm x 200mm

• Large - 1120mm x 810mm x 200mm

• Extra Large - 1300mm x 900mm x 200mm

Available designs:

• Original Green Hound Sleeper

• Black Patio Hound Sleeper 

*Please Note: Hound sleepers are shipped flat packed and do require some assembly.