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The Eco-Friendly Pet Bed

The BecoBed is designed to work like any other pet bed on the market. It’s durable, comfortable and machine washable and comes in a fantastic range of 3 colours and 3 sizes.

So what makes BecoBeds so unique? 

BecoBeds are made from eco-friendly materials! They have created covers from a mix of cotton and hemp and they've stuffed the beds with a finely shredded, recycled Polypropylene (mainly bottles and bottle caps!) stuffing.

The Beco Mattress Beds are for the discerning dog that likes to stretch out. Deep filled with 15 cm of super soft eco-stuffing and wrapped in a unique cotton & hemp fabric, the Beco Mattress Bed is simple yet luxurious. The only hard bit will be waking up! Like the Beco Donut Bed, the Beco Mattress Bed is made of soft, but hardwearing, cotton hemp fabric and filled with their recycled bottle stuffing. Double stitched for extra strength, the BecoBed stands the test of time even with the most enthusiastic dog. What's more they've thought about the owner too, and the mattress cover is fully removable to make washing it much easier.


Each BecoBed is stuffed with the equivalent of 30 - 90 100% recycled soft drink bottles. This springly filler provides additional insulation, further support and added comfort for achy joints and a relaxing nights sleep!

Why go through all that trouble?

Because the covers are made from natural fibres the BecoBed is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odour resistant! The stuffing wicks moisture, and insulates whilst the fully removable covers are extremely durable and hardwearing. They’ve also chosen fabrics in a practical but distinctive colour range so it’s even easier to maintain appearances.

Design and Manufacturing

The BecoBed also looks as unique as the materials it’s made from. BecoBeds feature a four-pillow design that suits both sprawlers and snugglers so whatever way your pet curls up, they will always sleep soundy - we just hope the snoring isn’t too bad!

Like all BecoThings, the BecoBed was designed in the United Kingdom.

Available sizes:

• Medium - 70 cm x 55 cm


 BecoBed Mattress Sizing

Available colours:

• Paddington Brown

• Kensington Green

• Piccadily Blue