Kong Wobbler

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Entertaining treat dispenser

The Kong-shaped Wobbler is an action-packed treat and food dispensing toy. It sits upright until pushed by a dog’s paw or nose and then periodically dispenses tasty rewards as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users.

The Wobbler can also be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help slow and extend mealtime while providing exercise for your dog. Unscrews for easy filling and cleaning.

• Action packed food-dispensing toy that provides mental stimulation

• Entertaining wobble sparks dogs curiosity engaging over time

• Allows dogs to work for their food - engaging in natural instincts

• Dishwasher safe - unscrews easily for filling

Available in two sizes:

• Small - fits 1/2 cup of food

• Large - fits 1 cup of food