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Charcoal Filters

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Removes bad tastes and odours

Drinkwell® Replacement Charcoal Filters keep your pet's water tasting clean and fresh. Each filter features a duo-density polyester pad that catches hair and debris, while the charcoal removes bad tastes and odours from the water making it more appealing to drink. Filters help extend the life of your fountain and pump and should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.

This pack includes 4 replacement charcoal filters.

• Filters extend the life of your Pet Fountain

• Replace filter every 2 - 4 weeks

• Constant circulation helps inhibit bacteria growth in between cleanings

• Polyester pad captures debris and hair maintaining the Pet Fountain’s cleanliness

• Charcoal Filter removes bad tastes and odours

• For use with the Sedona, Avalon, Pegoda and Big Dog Fountains

Includes 4 Charcoal Filters