Pet Nurser Kit

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Feeding bottle kit for orphaned puppies & kittens.

Designed for the feeding of orphaned/weak puppies and kittens. The mother's milk that cats and dogs produce is very different from cow's milk. For best results, puppies and kittens should be fed with special milk supplements matched to the requirements, e.g. Milko-Pup or Kitty-Milk

It is advisable that animals receiving milk supplementation should be given Protexin Soluble probiotic supplement at the same time. 

Before use, carefully cut a small hole or criss-cross slit in the tip of the teat. The size of the cut will determine how much liquid will flow with each suckle.

Wash the bottle and silicone teat with warm water and a very small amount of dishwashing detergent. Rinse well to ensue all traces of detergent are removed, and allow to air dry.

• 60 and 140ml bottle capacity with a teat

• 2 Extra teats are supplied

• 1 Cleaning Brush supplied


Available in two sizes:

• 60ml Bottle capacity
• 140ml Bottle capacity