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The Eco-Friendly Food Scoop

The BecoScoop is designed to work like any other plastic scoop. It’s durable, top shelf dishwasher safe and comes in a fantastic range of 5 colours.

So what makes these Scoops so unique?

Amazingly, BecoScoops are made from 100% natural materials! Because of this, when a BecoScoop is thrown away it will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years leaving no trace of synthetic waste or landfill footprint.

A BecoScoop is made from 80% bamboo and rice husk fibres. Both materials are ethically sourced as bi-products from other agricultural processes native to China. The remaining 20% is a mixture of natural enzymes to bind the scoop together. They call their mixture of materials a Bio-Composite.

Design and Manufacturing

The Biocomposite is stiff and cleans brilliantly making it the perfect option for a food scoop. Food scoops hang conveniently for storage and cleans easily.

Every scoop goes through an ethical manufacturing and engineering process to be moulded into an ergonomic shape and coloured using natural dyes.

Like all BecoThings, the BecoScoop was designed in the United Kingdom.

The BecoScoop is practical and durable, measuring both dried dog or cat food accurately. Combine your BecoScoop Food Scoop with a BecoBowl and spoil your pet, not the environment!

Available in 1 size:

• 12cm x 26cm with 500ml (2 cup) capacity


Available in 5 colours:

• Blue

• Brown

• Green

• Natural

• Pink