Antbeater Eco Bowl

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The anti-ant eco bowl that works!

The Antbeater Eco concept was born out of the frustration of not being bale to find an anti-ant bowl that actually worked and that was entirely Eco friendly.

The Antbeater Eco bowl is manufactured from an eco-friendly natural bamboo composite which is non-toxic, dishwasher safe and the non-skid base unit is made from a recycled, biodegradable plastic.

The Anbeater Eco bowl is the perfect solution to a world-wide problem and is a great alternative to poisonous chemicals, which could potentially be harmful to your pet as well as the environment.

Some awesome features:

• Anti-ant base unit - patented ant-deterrent base unit

• Eart friendly - natural bamboo fibre bowl & BIO base

• Biodegradable - 100% biodegradable & eart friendly

• Non toxic - no gas, no petrol, no plastic & no chemicals

• Dishwasher safe - can be used with your normal load

• Non skid base - unique design prevents base sliding

• Money saving - no ants means less food wastage

• Extended height - for better eating posture

Available sizes:

• Mini paw - cats, kittens, smaller dogs and puppies, 102 x 182mm

• Maxi paw - for medium to large dogs, 142 x 263mm