Murphy's Gravy

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Beef Chicken Mutton
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A premium product, made with top quality ingredients.

Murphy's Gravy contains real meat (skinless chicken breasts, beef steak and lean mutton), low salt and added prebiotics for gut health support. Preservatives are kept to a minimum.


• Adds chops-licking taste to dog pellets
• Convenient, no mess container
• Made with real beef steak, skinless chicken breasts, and lean mutton
• With prebiotics for gut health support
• No synthetic flavourants

Available in 3 flavours:

• Beef
• Chicken
• Mutton

Top quality ingredients for Murphy’s Gravy are sourced from France, Holland and locally:

Water, Beef Steak/Lean Mutton/Skinless Chicken Breast (min 4%), Chicken Liver Extract, Molasses, Yeast Extract, Sodium Chloride, Stabiliser, Acidulants, Prebiotics (for gut health support), No Synthetic Flavourants

Nutrient Content Guarantee (%):
Moisture >90
Crude Protein >2.5
Crude Fat >0.5
Dietary Fibre <0.5
Crude Ash <0.8
Calcium <0.3
Phosphorous >0.4