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Puppy Biscuits

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Veterinarian & Nutritionist formulated

Olympic Professional Puppy biscuits, specially for the new furry addition to the family. Puppies are weaned from 6 to 8 weeks of age when they develop teeth. They should be fully weaned by eight to ten weeks.

Cereals (rice 5%), meat and animal derivatives, milk and milk derivatives (9%) oils and fats, vitamins and minerals, sugar, chicken flavouring, approved antioxidants

Protein 20%
Moisture 10%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fibre 0.1%
Crude Ash 13%
Calcium 3.3%
Vitamin A 313 IU
Vitamin D3 1 IU
Vitamin E 75 IU
Organic Selenium 100 mcg
Omega 6 fatty acids 16
Omega 3 fatty acids 3
Omega 6:3 ratio 6-8 : 1

Available in a 500g box