Iced Dog Biscuits

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Probono Delicious Tail Wagging Iced Biscuit Treats for Dogs

Now the scientists at Probono have developed a coating for their nutritious crunchy treats which looks and tastes as good as chocolate but does not contain any ingredients which we all know are harmful to dogs. Contains NO THEOBROMINE.

Each biscuit is iced and decorated for a sheer indulgent treat. Like all Probono biscuits, they are hand made in South Africa with love and care before being topped with the icing and decorated to keep your dog’s tail wagging.

Wheat and whole wheat flour, beef meat & bone meal, bran, plant fats, non-lauric non-sucrose coating, vitamins & minerals, flavourants, approved antioxidants.

Protein 160g (min)
Moisture 100g (max)
Fat 100g (min)
Fibre 35g (min)
Vitamin A 6000 iu
Vitamin C 50mg
Vitamin B Complex 1.48mg
Vitamin E 69 iu
Calcium 15g (max)
Magnesium 0.5g
Phosphorous 8g (min)
Zinc 30mg
Iron 60mg
Selenium 0.5mg

• No artificial colourants

• No artificial flavourants

• No preservatives

Available in three sizes:

• 340g (16 biscuits per carton)

• 1kg Small Bites

• 1kg Large Bites