Nandoe D'Lites

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Nandoe D'Lites Beef Nandoe D'Lites Chicken Nandoe D'Lites Ostrich Nandoe D'Lites Venison
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The Healthier Pet Snack Chip

Nandoe Pet is a proudly South African company whose aim is to supply "real" and healthy treats to dogs all over South Africa. Featuring 100% real meat.

  Beef Chicken Ostrich Venison
Protein 49.1 69.7 68.1 74.4
Fat 30.0 5.4 11.1 7.5
Moisture 12.4 11.8 13.4 9.0
Ash 7.6 14.7 9.0 11.0
Crude Fibres 2.2 0.4 0.4 0.4

Feed to your dog as a treat in between its normal meals as part of a balanced diet. Not suitable for puppies under 4 months old. Dogs should be supervised at all times while feeding. Always ensure plenty of fresh, clean drinking water is available. 

• 100% Real Meat

• Great for treating your best friend

• Proudly South African