Nandoe D'Lites Deluxe

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Nandoe D'Lites Deluxe Apple & Ostrich Nandoe D'Lites Deluxe Beetroot & Ostrich Nandoe D'Lites Deluxe Rooibos Infused Ostrich
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The Healthier Pet Snack Chip

Nandoe Pet is a proudly South African company whose aim is to supply "real" and healthy treats to dogs all over South Africa. Featuring 100% Ostrich, the Deluxe D'lites is as yummy as the D'lites, but with added yummy-ness!

Apple & Ostrich:
Ostrich meat, water, canola cake oil, apple, glycerine, emulsifiers (E451, E452, E339)

Beetroot & Ostrich:
Ostrich meat, water, canola cake oil, beetroot, glycerine, emulsifiers (E451, E452, E339)

Rooibos Infused Ostrich:
Ostrich meat, water, canola cake oil, rooibos tea extract, glycerine, emulsifiers (E451, E452, E339)

  Apple & Ostrich Beetroot & Ostrich Rooibos Infused Ostrich
Ash  5.50  6.47 6.13
Crude Protein 39.23 46.12 39.83
Fibers 4.89 5.40 4.68
Carbohydrates* 33.29 29.37 27.15
Oils and Fats 8.30 9.36 8.0
Crude Ash 5.50 6.47 6.13
Calcium 0.20 0.24 0.22
Phospherous 0.65 (g/100gram) 0.78 (g/100gram) 0.75 (g/100gram)

* calculated (Preservative free)

Feed to your dog as a treat in between its normal meals as part of a balanced diet. Not suitable for puppies under 4 months old. Dogs should be supervised at all times while feeding. Always ensure plenty of fresh, clean drinking water is available. 

• 100% Ostrich

• Great for treating your best friend

• Proudly South African