Milton and Bella Treats

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Human grade people food for Dogs

At Milton and Bella they are mad about dogs! They pride themselves in going back to basics - making a variety of delicious oven-baked treats by using fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and dairy.

Baked locally with love!


• Buttermilk - Wheat flour, oatmeal, buttermilk, cornmeal, bran, vegetable oil, eggs and yeast.

• Crunchy Peanuts - Wheat flour, oatmeal, cornmeal, ground peanuts, bran, vegetable oil and yeast.

• Pumpkin Rice Porridge - Wheat flour, pumpkin puree, rice porridge, oatmeal, bran, vegetable oil and yeast.

• Veggie Bites - Wheat flour, vegetable puree (carrots, potatoes, butternut, cabbage and spinach), bran, vegetable oil and yeast. 

Guaranteed analysis:

  Buttermilk Crunchy Peanuts Pumpkin Rice Porridge Veggie Bites
Protein 80g/kg 100g/kg 70g/kg 60g/kg
Fat 65g/kg 100g/kg 70g/kg 50g/kg
Fibre 40g/kg 50g/kg 45g/kg 40g/kg
Ash 8g/kg 10g/kg 8g/kg 8g/kg

Available in one size:

• 260g