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Biltong flavoured biscuits

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No sugar added, no colourants and preservatives

Probono tail wagging dog biscuits treats are nutritious and crunchy. They are baked hard enough to ensure a good gnawing action to promote healthy teeth and gums. The added teeth cleaning ingredients will also help combat tartar build up. A blend of Vitamins A, C, E and B group vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Selenium will help boost the immune system and provide anti-oxidant protection.

Ground wheat, processed animal protein, wheat flour, vegetable oil, teeth cleaning agents, salt, minerals, vitamins, flavourant and approved antioxidants.

Probono™ dog biscuits also contain a blend of Vitamins A, E and B-group as well as zinc and iron.

Protein 160g (min)
Moisture 100g (max)
Fat 100g (min)
Fibre 30g (min)
Vitamin A 6000 iu
Vitamin B Complex 1.48mg
Vitamin E 69 iu
Vitamin C 50mg
Calcium 15g (max)
Magnesium 0.5g
Phosphorus 8g (min)
Zinc 30mg
Iron 60mg
Selenium 0.5mg

• Delicious, tail wagging biscuit treats for Small and Large doggies

• Enriched with Calcium, Vitamins and Minerals

• Helps control tartar for clean, healthy teeth

• No added sugars, colourants or preservatives

1kg carton of Biltong flavoured biscuits for Small or Large Dogs.