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Montego Karoo Large Breed Puppy

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Scientifically formulated, ultra premium pet nutrition that caters for the advanced needs of your dog.

Using nutrient-rich meat and poultry proteins (derived from ostrich & lamb), added vitamins (including C, D and E) and minerals – as well as high levels of antioxidants – in every enticing, balanced bowl, supports overall physical well-being and helps maintain a healthy immune system. Pets are family and deserve the very best – enabling our customers to provide an optimally nutritious diet for their dogs, is the Montego Karoo promise.

Puppies must eat today for the dogs they’ll be tomorrow and breeds vary in both growth rates and mature weights. When deciding on a food for your new puppy you must consider the weight they’ll be when fully grown.
The nutrient-rich meat and poultry proteins, added vitamins (including C, D and E), minerals and high levels of antioxidants found in every enticing, balanced bowl support overall physical well-being and help maintain a healthy immune system. Added Chondroitin and Glucosamine provide support for growing joints and cartilage.

Karoo Large to Giant Breed Puppy’s super-premium formulation sustains the boundless energy of youth, meets the demands of a rapidly growing body while laying strong foundations for a healthy, happy future for your puppy.

Reg No. V27237 (Act 36 of 1947)

Rice, chicken, maize gluten, maize*, ostrich, poultry oil, lamb, animal fat & vegetable oils, natural flavouring agents, beet pulp, brewer's yeast, milk powder (lactose reduced), inulin, kaolin, salmon oil, egg powder, salt, encapsulated essential fatty acids, glucosamine & condroitin, essential minerals and vitamins with approved antioxidants.

* May contain GMO's

Crude Protein 26%
Moisture 10%
Crude Fat 12%
Crude Fibre 2.5%
Crude Ash 8%
Calcium 1.1%
Phosphorus 0.7%
Sodium 0.5%
Potassium 0.8%
Magnesium 0.2%
Zinc 120 mg/kg
Vitamin D 1200 IU/kg
Vitamin E 75 IU/kg
Vitamin C 50 mg/kg
Omega 6:3 Ratio 4-7:1
DHA 0.1%
EPA 0.05%
Glucosamine 640 mg/kg
Chondroitin 330 mg/kg

Puppies need to be fed according to their adult weight.

Adult Weight (kg) 2 Months (g/day) 4 Months (g/day) 6 Months (g/day) 9-12 Months (g/day) 12-18 Months (g/day) 18-21 Months (g/day)
30-40 315-390 455-565 480-595 470-585 Adult-575 Adult
40-50 390-400 565-620 595-700 585-690 575-670 Adult-660
50-60 400-430 620-715 700-800 690-790 670-775 660-760
60-70 430-480 715-800 800-900 790-890 775-870 760-850
70-80 480-535 800-885 900-1000 890-990 870-960 850-945
80+ 535+ 885+ 1000+ 990+ 960+ 945+

Highly active, pregnant or lactating adult dogs and bitches.

Adult Weight (kg) Grams per day Adult Weight (kg) Grams per day
30-40 510-635 60-70 965-1015
40-50 635-750 70-80 1015-1065
50-60 750-965 80+ 1065+

• 26% Protein for muscle development

• 12% Fat for energy and taste

• 0.1% DHA for brain and vision development

• Added Glucosamine and Chondroitin for developing cartilage and joint support

Available in three sizes:

• 1.75kg
• 8kg
• 20kg