Montego Classic Adult

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Complete & balanced, enticingly delicious & highly digestible nutrition for pets

Between their own expertise and insight from a leading authority on SA pet nutrition, Montego Classic’s formulation and production process has been refined and perfected over time. This is how they know Montego Classic provides the balance, digestibility and delicious flavor that Montego pets of all ages and their owners throughout South Africa rely on every day for energy, wellbeing and happiness.

When every delicious mouthful is perfectly balanced, thoroughly satisfying and highly digestible for your dog. Montego Classic, the original range, has come to define how Montego produce all their foods. With their own expertise and insight from a trusted authority on South African pet nutrition, their formulation and production process has been refined and perfected over time - ensuring that Montego Classic provides balance, digestibility and delicious flavour.

Reg No. V15913 (Act 36 of 1947)

Cereals* (min 4% rice), processed animal protein, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils & fats, palatability enhancer, essential minerals and vitamins and approved antioxidants.

*May contain GMO’s

Crude Protein 20%
Moisture 10%
Crude Fat 10%
Crude Fibre 4%
Ash 8.5%
Calcium 2%
Phosphorus 1.2%
Omega 6:3 Ratio 5-7:1
Vitamin C 30mg/kg
Vitamin E 40 IU/kg
Adult Weight (kg) Grams per day
1-5 30-95
5-10 95-160
10-20 160-270
20-30 270-365
30-40 265-450
40-50 450-535
50-60 535-685
60-70 685-725
70-80 725-765
80+ 765+

• Proudly South African

• 20% protein for strong bones

• Omega 6 & 3 for a healthy skin & coat

• 10% fat for full flavour

• 2% Calcium for clean, strong teeth

• Highly digestible carbohydrates for all-day energy

• Antioxidants & vitamins for immune support

Available in four sizes:

• 2kg
• 5kg
• 10kg
• 25kg