Fun Kitty Doorway Dangli

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Fitness and Fun rolled into one!

Hang the Doorway Dangli™ toy from any doorway to create an instant kitty play centre. This treat-dispensing toy is designed to appeal to your cat's playful nature by randomly releasing food. The adjustable opening lets you control how fast treats pop out as your cat grabs, swipes and bats at the toy. The dangling fur tail satisfies your cat's natural hunting instinct. The stretchy bungee cord adds bouncy excitement. The breakaway safety buckle keeps your cat safe from accidents. The toy is made from soft plastic that will not damage the wall or door frame as the toy swings back and forth.

The Doorway Dangli twists apart to let you put small treats or dry food inside. You can adjust how easily the treats are dispensed. Start with an easy setting, allowing treats to come out quickly, so your cat associates the toy with a food reward. Once your cat has the hang of it, you can increase the level of difficulty by making the openings smaller. It will take your cat longer to get the reward, thus encouraging longer play time. This appeals to your cat's prey drive; your cat will feel like she's catching and eating her prey every time she plays.

• Fuzzy, feathery tail mimics natural prey

• Extra-long bungee cord stretches for a fun bounce

• Includes a flexible hanger for easily slipping on a door frame

• Safety buckle on the bungee cord breaks away if too much pressure is applied

• Soft plastic treat-dispensing toy

• Dishwasher safe, top rack only