Catit Senses 2.0 Circuits

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Get you kitty moving!

The new circuits include a straight track that allows compatibility with the wider, more stable Senses 2.0 product bases. This expansion adds a lot of variety and can even be combined with the classic blue circuits!


• 100+ layouts!

To keep your cat interested, you need to change their toy set-up often. The Senses 2.0 Circuits can be built and rebuilt into different shapes around the house. Surprise your cat with a new layout every few days to keep the experience fresh and exciting!

• Peek-a-boo design for hunters

Each circuit consists of a ball that zips around a closed track in rollercoaster fashion. The special peek-a-boo cover stimulates cats to chase and swat the ball, which quickly adds up to hours of entertainment!

• Easy to assemble

Assembling the circuits is very straightforward - simply line up two joints and press down until you hear a soft click. To disassemble, push back the tabs on either ends and pull. The covers can be removed in similar fashion.

• Easy to clean

Each part can be hand-washed with natural soap, free of chemicals or abrasive solutions. Just rinse clean afterwards.

The Senses 2.0 Circuits are great individually or in combination with other Catit Senses 2.0 products. Also compatible with previous designs.

Available designs:

• Play Cicuit

The Play Circuit is level to the ground which is great for building speed.

• Wave Circuit

The Wave circuit offers elevation, for more diverse movements.

• Super Circuit

The Super Circuit is the ultimate combination!