EcoPet Cat Star

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Shinga is proud to introduce our Eco Pet range. At Shinga, your pets' well-being is the driving force behind our commitment to always bring you the latest in high quality products for your pet.

The Eco Pet Cat Star is made of 100% Wool and Poly Fibre. The Cat Star comes with a refillable catnip pocket (catnip not included).

Eco Pet is based on simple yet high quality designs. You can buy Eco Pet with confidence, knowing that the range offers you healthy options that are free of artificial colours and flavours as well as harsh and toxic chemicals which can detract from your pets' quality of life.

Our Eco Pet range is guaranteed to make tails wag.

• Product and Packaging is Recyclable

• Made of 100% Wool & Poly Fibre

• Wool & Poly Fibre are Sustainable, Natural Resources

• No Added Chemicals

• Product measures 9cm in length and 10cm in width