Coco Cat Natural Cat Litter

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Zero Waste Cat Litter

Coco Cat is south Africa’s first Zero Waste Cat Litter product and is made 100% from natural Coconut Husk. Coco Cat litter qualifies as a zero waste product, because Coco Cat can be directly reused in your garden as compost after serving as cat litter. 

Coco Cat is also extremely absorbent with a 400% fluid absorption rate making it extremely effective at absorbing odors.

Safe for other pets like rabbits, rats and hamsters.


Coco Cat Natural Litter is made from one natural biodegradable ingredient - Coconut husk pith. It contains no chemicals, pesticides, silica dust or additives.

• Premium quality natural cat litter

• Environmentally friendly and sustainable

• Super odour absorption

• Chemical free

• Lightweight

• Hypoallergenic (Silica dust free)