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Regal Cat Health Tonic

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Calms, Heals and Strengthens

Regal Cat Health Tonic has been formulated using Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemic Tissue Salts to assist with keeping your feline in good health. 

If your cat is prone to suffering from ongoing health problems or if you simply want to add extra support to his/her daily care regime, this tonic will offer added benefits naturally and safely.

What are the benefits of tissue salts?

One of the major benefits of tissue salts is that they are non-invasive, safe and can be used by anyone, including pregnant women, infants, children, the elderly and animals. Tissue salts can help you to restore wellness from the inside out as they enable the cells to make better use of the nutrients available from the food ingested. They help the body to heal itself and quickly correct imbalances to restore health. Tissue salts do not replace sound, professional medical treatment. A good balanced diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle are all essential for good health.


• Calc. Fluor - Calcium Fluoride is found on the surface of the bones, in the teeth enamel, elastic fibres of the skin, muscular tissue and blood vessels. Supports tissue elasticity, therefore helping ligaments, blood vessels and connective tissue. It also aids healthy bone formation and maintenance and is important for healthy teeth.

• Calc. Phos - Calcium Phosphate, phosphate of lime, is a constituent of the bones, teeth, connective tissue, blood cells, body fluids as well as the gastric juice. It is a cell restorer and has been named “the body’s chief building material”. It is essential for healthy cell restoration, growth and development, circulation, digestion, bones and teeth. Calc Fluor and Calc Phos are complementary salts and are often used together. Also assists with convalescence and lowered vitality.

• Calc Sulph - Calcium Sulphate, also known as Plaster of Paris, is naturally present in eggshells and is found in the blood, connective tissue, bile, liver and the epithelial cells of the skin. It is a blood cleanser, rejuvenator, destroys old cells, is a suppuration reducer and eliminator of abnormal discharges (pus, mucous and chronic infections). It speeds up the healing of slow healing wounds, ulcers, abscesses and boils. Calc Sulph is known as a system cleanser.

• Ferrum Phos - Iron Phosphate is contained in the haemoglobin of the red blood cells and in all the cells of the body except the actual nerves. The nerves are lined with protective connective tissue containing blood which with its iron content, is able to penetrate and nourish the nerves. Also found in hair cells and in the muscular membranes of the blood and lymph vessels. Whenever there is infection or inflammation Ferrum Phos is the tissue salt to take. It is the first aid tissue salt and carries oxygen in the bloodstream. Helps respiratory problems like snuffles, blood health, sore throats, bleeding and mild anaemia.

• Kali Mur - Potassium Chloride joins with albumin to form fibrin, a nitrogenous protein fibre that forms part of every single body tissue including nerves, muscles, blood – everything except the actual bones. It is a decongestant, blood and lymph cleanser, waste eliminator and a second stage inflammation reducer. Kali Mur and Kali Sulph are very similar in action – the one main difference is that the discharges of Kali Mur are thick and white, while those of Kali Sulphate are yellow. Kali Mur is a respiratory decongestant removing excess mucous and phlegm in the lungs and nasal passages and may help with snuffles.

• Kali Phos - Potassium Phosphate is an important mineral in the structure of nerve and brain tissue muscles and blood cells. In fact it is found in all the cells of the body. It is a brain and nerve tonic and a nerve nutrient. It also has an antiseptic action and slows down the decay of the tissues for example in paralysis or nerve degeneration. It calms and promotes a feeling of well-being and helps with stress.

• Kali Sulph - Potassium Sulphate is found in the cells lining the skin and those which form the internal mucous lining of all the organs of the body as well as in the intracellular fluid. It is a skin conditioner and carries oxygen to the cells of the skin. The oxygen in the lungs is taken up by the iron in the blood and carried to every cell by the reciprocal action of Kali Sulph and Ferrum Phos. It treats the third level of an infection or inflammation – this is the stage when an antibiotic is usually prescribed in conventional medicine. The mucous secretions are yellowish, sticky, and slimy or watery. This is another salt which may assist with snuffles.

• Mag Phos - Magnesium Phosphate is present in the blood, bones, teeth, brain, nerves and muscle cells. The biochemical action of this salt is anti-spasmodic, a natural pain killer as well as a nerve and muscle relaxant. Mag Phos is the main salt that affects the function of the motor nerves – useful for spasmodic cramps, birthing pains, palpitations, convulsions, flatulence and colic.

• Nat Mur - Sodium Chloride is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body. It regulates the water balance by osmosis – the function that attracts and distributes water. In the absence of Nat Mur, normal growth and body function can’t take place. When there is a deficiency of this salt there will be either excessive moisture or dryness. Approximately two thirds of the body is made up of water hence the vital role Nat Mur plays as the water regulator. Useful for runny ‘colds’, snuffles and for loss of smell or taste.

• Nat Phos - Sodium Phosphate – is present in the blood, muscles, nerves, brain cells and intercellular fluids. It is the biochemical antacid and acid/alkaline balancer. The main action of Nat Phos is to break down lactic acid that if not decomposed, will irritate the tissues causing pain. Nat Phos also prevents the thickening of bile in the bile duct/gall bladder, assisting in the assimilation of fats preventing jaundice and biliousness. It also keeps the normal uric acid soluble in the blood. Rheumatism, arthritis and digestive ailments are the main areas of use.

• Nat Sulph - Sodium Sulphate – is found only in the intercellular fluids and its main function is to regulate the amount of water in the tissues. It has an affinity for water and eliminates any excess from the blood. Nat Mur and Nat Sulph work well together promoting the balance in absorption and elimination of water necessary for the life cycle of the cells. Nat Sulph also has an action on the liver by ensuring that there is an adequate supply of healthy bile. Used to treat liver malfunction, water retention, arthritic and rheumatic pains.

How To Use:

Mix the powder into the food or dissolve in a small amount of milk or water and administer with a syringe.

Adult cats - 1g serving daily (using the scoop provided, add 1 level scoop to your cat’s food daily).

Kittens - ½ scoop added to food daily.

For acute cases (e.g. allergies, skin problems, snuffles) use ½ scoop, 3-4 times a day. For more serious conditions or no response within 48 hrs, consult a veterinary practitioner.

Safe for long term use but best results will be achieved if taken for 3 months then a break for 1 month.

Product features:

This tonic will assist with the following,
• Allergies
• Circulation
• Digestion
• Immunity
• Joint health
• Nervous system
• Respiratory health
• Skin and coat health
• Urinary tract health