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An earthy range of simple, natural, beautiful toys for cats, made with wonderful hemp and quality cat-attractive herbs.

Modern Living can be stressful for cats and make it difficult for them to experience their natural wellbeing. Happy Cat™ stressfree helps make it easy.

What is it?

Happy Cat™ stressfree contains freshly ground Valerian root, a herb recognised for its naturally relaxing effects on the nervous system and attractiveness to cats. About 2/3 of cats find Valerian root attractive and display a series of behaviours, including sniffing, licking, nibbling, rubbing and rolling. By smelling and eating Happy Cat™ stressfree, cats benefit from the action of GABA, a natural chemical responsible for relaxing the nervous system.

When to use?

Use Happy Cat™ stressfree to help cats cope with stress ease stress-related behaviours and illness, or simply to add an extra bit of happiness to their day.

• Signs of stress in cats: nervousness, aggression, hiding, urine spraying, overgrooming, poor appetite, ongoing digestive, skin or bladder problems. 
• Times of stress for cats: visiting neighbourhood cats, moving home, vet visits, cattery stays, cat shows, new animals, renovations, multi-cat homes, ongoing illness.
• If your cat is pregnant, lactating, on medication or undergoing surgery, consult your veterinarian.

How to use:

Allow your cat to enjoy the herbal pillow, using it whenever they feel most safe and secure. Choose a cosy, quiet spot at home, their bed or travel box. Store in the bag when not in use.

...for happy cats and a happy planet too.

• Provides herbal support to help ease anxiety, promote relaxation, and naturally enrich a cat's environment

• Use to help cats cope with stress, ease, stress-related behaviours & illness, or simply to add an extra bit of happiness to their day

• Contains Valerian, a herb recognised for her relaxing effects on the nervous system, and attractiveness to cats

• Created by a veterinarian, an animal behvioural scientist, and Mother Nature