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R319.00 R284.00 (Including tax)
To soothe skin inflammation and allergic reactions Atop 7 Shampoo is a soothing shampoo-cream for irritated, dry or allergy-prone skin of dogs and...
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R416.00 R370.00 (Including tax)
Atop 7 Spray has 7 simultaneous actions: soothing, regenerating, soothes red inflamed skin, hydrating, protecting, purifying and antiseptic Atop 7...
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R46.00 (Including tax)
Accelerates the wound healing process Derma Gel is a hydrogel wound treatment. It can be used on cats and dogs. Derma Gel maintains cell viability to...
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R359.00 (Including tax)
Multifunctional monodose skin care for all skin and hair types Essential 6® spot-on is the No. 1 spot-on dermo-cosmetic product for dogs and for cats...
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R309.00 R275.00 (Including tax)
SunFree is water-resistant, non-greasy and non-sticky, making it user-friendly Dermoscent SunFree is a moisturising and high protection SPF 30+ sun...
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