Broadline Spot-on Solution for Cats

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The most complete all-in-one treatment for cats.

Broadline protects your cat against both internal and external parasites, in a single dose. Comprehensive studies have proven both the safety and effectiveness of Broadline. As a cat owner, rest assured - knowing you are providing the best protection for your cat when using Broadline.

The unique formulation kills fleas, ticks, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms - all in a single easy to use topical application. This makes applying Broadline simple and effective, and ensures complete and accurate dosing.

Ground-breaking, effective parasite protection
Broadline is the only all-in-one parasite treatment for cats that kills fleas, ticks, roundworms and tapeworms. No-scratch, no-pill, just a single easy to use topical application. One application treats;

• Adult fleas
• Flea eggs
• Flea larvae
• Ticks
• Lice
• Hookworm
• Roundworm
• Tapeworm

Safe for use on kittens
Broadline is safe to use on kittens as young as eight weeks of age. The weight of your cat or kitten will determine the dosage quantity and which pack is right for your cat.

Breaking the flea life cycle
Broadline kills not only the adult fleas on your cat but contains an insect growth regulator to kill eggs and larvae, breaking the flea life cycle at every stage. This strategy of integrated flea control is highly effective and has a significant impact on flea populations by reducing the re-emergence of fleas in the home.
Adult fleas, the life cycle stage you see on your cat, make up just 5% of the total flea population. The other 95% is made up of eggs, larvae and pupae, which can be found rapidly developing in carpets, furniture and bedding around the home.

Full spectrum worm protection

• Roundworms
Roundworms are common, particularly in young cats, causing poor growth and diarrhoea. Eggs can survive for years in the environment. Roundworms are a zoonotic risk particularly for children.

• Hookworms
Hookworms can cause anaemia or digestive upsets in your cat. Infection occurs through ingestion of larvae or penetration of the skin. Hookworms are also a zoonotic parasite for humans.

• Tapeworms
Tapeworms are common in cats in New Zealand and are transmitted through the ingestion of infected fleas or rodents. Tapeworms are a potential zoonosis for children if they ingest infected fleas.

The right pack for your cat

Broadlline controls flea bite hypersensitivity by flea control and will kill newly acquired fleas within 8-24 hrs. It prevents flea eggs from hatching and can be used for the treatment and control of tick infestations, biting lice, roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.

Broadline can be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age.

• Small - for cats under 2.5kg in weight

• Large - for cats 2.5 to 7.5kg in weight