Purl Fresh Foam Dry Shampoo

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Purl Fresh Foam Shampoo is a convenient and stress-free way to clean and freshen your pet's coat or fur - WITHOUT WATER!

Purl Fresh Foam Shampoo is:

• A gentle foaming formula with Aloe Vera to soothe skin.
• Cleans and deodorises coats.
• Leaves coat smelling fresh without any sticky residue.
• Requires no rinsing.
• Perfect for both cats and dogs that have an intense fear of water and bathing

It is also a stress free way to clean and freshen the coat of:

• Very old and geriatric pets.
• Pets that suffer from certain medical conditions and disabilities.
• Pets that have recently undergone surgery and cannot get the surgical site wet.


Calcium panthothenate, sodium benzoate, aloe vera, perfume and water in a gentle foaming base.

Available size:

• 200ml bottle