Puzzle Scratch Play Stations

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Catnip Blasted Play Stations Create New Ways to Groom & Scratch

Mix & Scratch Play Stations satisfy kitty's scratching instinct, keeping claws strong an din good health without damaging your home. Unique designs and materials keep your cat focused on objects appropriate for scratching while offering stretching, sleeping and lounging activities. Each puzzle piece is Catnip Blasted to keep their interest and each feature their own exciting play action. Each Mix & Scratch piece snap together to form a variety-filled play scape and have customizable accessories to add fun and interest.


The only thing better than catnip, is having it BLASTED all over your cat’s scratching station. We made this happen. We covered our corrugate with catnip creating less mess during scratch time and more fun for kitty.


Petstages Puzzle Scratch is available in 4 different puzzle shapes that snap together to create a complete playscape.

4 IN 1 FUN:

There’s no shortage of fun when it comes to these catnip blasted puzzle scratch stations. Each piece features its own exciting play action including everything from hunting and scratching to chasing and grooming.


Scratching is part of every cat’s natural instincts. Petstages Puzzle Scratch helps them satisfy this natural instinct while improving playtime.


Too often we find our cats running furniture due to inadequate scratch solutions. Petstages solves the problem of inappropriate scratching by providing cat scratchers that attract, engage and satisfy their needs without running your rugs.


• Catnip Blasted

• Each Puzzle Piece Has Its Own Exciting Play Action

• Pieces (sold separately) Snap Together to Form a Variety-Filled Playscape

• Customizable Accessories Add Fun and Interest

• Keeps Nails Filed and Healthy

• 26 cm L x 26 cm W