Kunduchi Deluxe Honeycomb Scratcher

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Kunduchi Deluxe Honeycomb Cat Scratcher

A large, fully assembled wooden frame with two sided, reversable honeycomb cardboard insert. Perfect as a natural alternative to your couches and curtains (amongst others), but that still satisfies your cat's instinctive need to scratch. 

Why does my cat scratch everything?

Scratching is a normal part of cat behavior and serves several functions, including conditioning of the claws, providing a means of stretching, especially the back and shoulder muscles, and acting as a marker (both olfactory, or scent, and visual). Scratching is also used as an emotional release or displacement behavior. When your cat is anxious, happy, excited or frustrated, he can release some of that built-up emotion by scratching.  In short, cats like to scratch and it is a completely normal behaviour!

Where is the best place to put the Scratcher?

Even a great scratching post will just gather dust if you stick it in some far off location. When a cat needs to scratch he’ll look for the closest object that meets his needs. So...keep the post where kitty likes to spend time. 

How do I get my cat to use the Scratcher?

If your cat has been scratching a piece of furniture, place the Scratcher right next to it. You can cover the piece of furniture with a sheet, if the area being scratched is isolated to just a few spots, like for e.g. the arm rests. Another simple solution is to place some low adhesive double-sided tape* on the area where the cat is scratching. This way, when the cat comes over to scratch the furniture, he’ll see and feel the area isn’t as appealing and at the same time, he’ll notice the much better option in the form of a top of the line scratcher. You can also sprinkle the scratcher with some Kunduchi Premium Catnip Powder or Kunduchi Catnip Spray to make the scratcher irresistable. 

* If using any type of adhesive on your furniture, it is recommended to spot test first.

Each unit includes a free sachet of Kunduchi Premium Catnip Powder.


Available models:

• Wooden Floor Unit

• Wooden Mountable Wall Unit (includes screws and wall plugs)

• Honeycomb refill board (to fit either floor or wall unit)

Sizes of units:

• Floor Unit - 608mm x 323mm x 30mm

• Wall Unit - 592mm x 226mm x 35mm

• Refill - 585mm x 206mm x 25mm