Catit Cat Scratchers

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Bench Chaise Lounge
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The Scratcher for Modern Cats

Traditionally, cats used trees to scratch and stretch against. However, with more and more cats living in apartments and houses with small yards, trees aren't always an option. The Catit Cat Scratcher is a stylish, functional scratcher with added catnip that will keep your feline friend from damaging your furniture and giving them an enjoyable experience.

What makes the Catit Cat Scratcher great
• Corrugated cardboard scratching surface
• Light and portable
• Funky design
• Catnip included
Size: 40.6 cm to 50.8 cm (depending the on the design you have chosen)
• Available in different shape:
Bench-shaped corrugated scratcher with red urban pattern printed on sides.
Chaise-shaped corrugated scratcher with purple butterfly pattern printed on sides.

A cat's need to scratch is instinctive. Scratching against a rough surface loosens the outer husk of the nail, leaving kitty with a new, sharper claws. But there's more to scratching that simply getting a manicure.

Why your cat needs a Catit Cat Scratcher
• Sharpens claws
• Effective way to stretch back and shoulder muscles
• Use cat scratcher to mark territory
• Protects furniture from scratch damage
• Scratching is a relaxing, de-stressing activity for your cat

Did you know? Cats can sleep for up to 18 hours a day. If they aren’t active during their waking hours they can easily become lazy and obese. Try these games, toys and activities to encourage them to get moving.