SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Door

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Door Extender Adaptor Tags
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SureFlap cat flaps recognize the ID chip already implanted in your cat, allowing access to your pet and making unwanted visitors a thing of the past.

Your home becomes a secure environment for your pet, leading to a happier, more relaxed animal.

No more unwanted visitors with the SureFlap!

The SureFlap DualScan Microchip Cat Flap will be suitable for multi-pet households to control the access of your pets both into and out of the house. This allows you to restrict some pets to indoors-only, while others are allowed outside and back in again. Any intruder animals attempting entry are kept out. 

Flap Dimensions:

142mm (W) x 137mm (H)

This dimension is the smallest area of the cat flap that your cat will have to enter.

Hole Dimensions:

165mm (W) x 171mm (H)

The Installation Template can be used to cut the hole required to fit your SureFlap.

Tunnel's Interior Dimensions:

150mm (W) x 155mm (H)

Tunnel's Exterior Dimensions:

159mm (W) x 164mm (H)

Tunnel Thickness:


Tunnel Extender:

SureFlap tunnel extenders can be used to create a longer approach tunnel to the SureFlap microchip cat flap when it is installed in a wall.

The SureFlap tunnel extender fits snugly onto the tunnel of the SureFlap microchip cat flap and multiple extenders can be stacked together to form a tunnel of any length.

The SureFlap microchip cat flap’s tunnel is 70mm long and each tunnel extender adds 50mm to the length of the cat flap’s tunnel. Click on the link below to calculate the number of tunnel extenders you require to fit the depth of your wall.

Mounting Adaptor:

The SureFlap mounting adaptor is useful when installing the SureFlap microchip cat flap into glass, walls and certain door types.

This accessory allows mounting in holes ranging from 210mm to 260mm in diameter. The total diameter of the mounting adaptor is 285mm.

RFID Collar Tags:

We recommend that you use the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door or Cat Flap with your pet’s veterinary inserted microchip. However if your pet is not microchipped, the SureFlap RFID collar tag is available as an alternative. SureFlap RFID collar tags contain a code that is unique to your pet so that if other pets in the neighbourhood have a SureFlap collar tag, or any other type of collar tag used in selective pet doors, they will not be able to gain access.

• Compatible with all versions of the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

• Compatible with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap with serial numbers higher than 1152201

• For use with non-microchipped pets

• Each collar tag has a unique code 

• Each pack contains two collar tags

• Collar tag diameter: 25mm

• Weighs just 2g

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is not supplied with a collar tag.


• Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology

• Safety mode – indoor-only pets can gain entry if they escape through an open door or window

• Prevents intruder animals entering your home, including added protection against raccoons

• Up to 12 months battery life (4 x AA batteries – not included)

• Simple one button programming – it’s easy to change your cats’ permissions at any time

• Manual lock stops your cat leaving or entering the house. Set to in-only to enable your pet to come indoors without being able to get out again

• Low battery indicator light flashes red when the batteries start running low giving you plenty of time to change them

• Works with all common identification microchips and SureFlap RFID collar tags (not included). View our microchip compatibility checker below for peace of mind

• Stores up to 32 pet identities in memory. Remembers all registered cats even when the batteries have been removed