Rogz Catz Snug Podz

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Jumping Cat Floral Heart Tails Candy Stripes
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Most cats are very particular about the bed they sleep in.

After all, all cats do consider themselves royalty. Only the best will do which is where the Rogz Snug Pod comes in! Try them and you'll never look elsewhere. Available in four stylish designs and two sizes.

Rogz Cats Snug Podz are a super plush comfortable snuggle bed for the most pampuuuuured of kitties. Perfect for cats and kittens of all ages. The Rogz Catz Snug Pod has been specially designed to get even the most particular cat into the puuuuuurfect sleep zzzzzone!


• Extremely Comfortable
• Embroidered designer patterns
• Machine Washable

Available in two sizes:

• Small - 40 x 32 x 8cm
• Medium - 56 x 39 x 13cm

Available in four colours:

• Black (Jumping Cat)
• Blue (Floral)
• Grey (Heart Tails)
• Pink (Candy Stripes)