Combi Bowls

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Raise that bowl!

It is essential to always have fresh water available for your dog and cat. Drinking water should be changed on a daily basis. Combi bowls are raised off the ground, reducing the likelihood of ants getting into the bowls. Two bowls are included per box, one for water and one for food. Available in four different sizes, depending on the breed of dog. Flat packed in a box, easy to self assemble. Melamine bowls are removable, ensuring that they are easy to clean. Ideal for older dogs and dogs with arthritis, as the bowl is raised off the ground.

The stand is Beige in colour and the bowls White.


• Small 37 x 23 x 15 cm (2 x 350ml bowls)

• Medium 47 x 30 20 cm (2 x 500ml bowls)

• Large 54 x 34 x 22 cm (2x 950ml bowls)

• X-Large 63 x 39 x 30 cm (2x 1500ml bowls)