Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty Pouches

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85g Pouch Intense Beauty Box
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A cat’s skin and coat are a reflection of its health. Chunks in gravy for adult cats -aged 1 year and older- with a tendency to have dull hair and sensitive skin.

Your cat has it all - a shiny coat, a sleek physique, and a charming personality. But beauty starts within, and the right diet can make all the difference in your cat’s health - inside and out.

Royal Canin Intense Beauty Chunks in Gravy wet cat food is complete and balanced nutrition to support your adult cat’s natural beauty. This exclusive soft cat food comes in a convenient pouch and is formulated with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support your cat’s soft and shiny coat. This formula helps your cat maintain a healthy weight. And a precise balance of vitamins and minerals supports optimal health and wellness, keeping your cat beautiful on the inside and out. Mix with a Royal Canin Hair and Skin dry cat food for a meal that’s sure to please.

Meat and animal derivatives, Fish and fish derivatives, Cereals, Oils and fats, Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals, Various sugars.

Additives (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin D3: 15 IU, E1 (Iron): 10 mg, E5 (Manganese): 3.1 mg, E6 (Zinc): 31 mg, Omega 3 fatty acids: 1.9 g, Omega 6 fatty acids: 12 g - Technological additives: Pentasodium triphosphate: 0.3 g, Calcium sulphate: 4.7 g.

Analytical Constituents: Protein: 12% - Fat content: 3.5% - Crude ash: 1.5% - Crude fibres: 0.6% - Moisture: 79.5%.

Analysis table 
Analysis table Amount
Arachidonic acid (%) 0.09
Ash (%) 1.5
Biotin (mg/kg) 0.46
Calcium (%) 0.2
Fibre (%) 0.6
Dietary fibre (%) 1.2
EPA/DHA (%) 0.14
Fat (%) 3.5
Linoleic acid (%) 0.88
Metabolisable energy (calculated according to NRC85) (kcal/kg) 819.0
Metabolisable energy (measured) (kcal/kg) 870.0
Moisture (%) 79.5
Nitrogen-free extract (NFE) (%) 2.9
Omega 3 (%) 0.19
Omega 6 (%) 1.2
Phosphorus (%) 0.15
Protein (%) 12.0
Starch (%) 2.3
Taurine (mg/kg) 500.0
Vitamin A (UI/kg) 35000.0
Vitamin E (mg/kg) 30.0
Vitamins Amount
Choline (mg/kg) 690.0
Folic acid (mg/kg) 1.0
Vitamin B1 Thiamin (mg/kg) 3.0
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin (mg/kg) 0.025
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin (mg/kg) 5.0
Vitamin B3 Niacin (mg/kg) 230.0
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic acid (mg/kg) 34.0
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine (mg/kg) 1.4
Vitamin D3 (UI/kg) 140.0
Minerals Amount
Chloride (%) 0.17
Copper (mg/kg) 10.0
Iodine (mg/kg) 0.5
Iron (mg/kg) 46.0
Magnesium (%) 0.03
Manganese (mg/kg) 10.0
Potassium (%) 0.14
Selenium (mg/kg) 0.11
Sodium (%) 0.13
Zinc (mg/kg) 50.0

• Helps maintain a shiny hair complex

• Supports a healthy urinary system

• Helps maintain ideal weight

Available in two sizes:

• 85g pouch
• Box of 12x85g pouches