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Nutritional supplement and milk replacer for orphaned or rejected kittens.

It is used as a food source for orphaned or rejected kittens, and also for those needing suplemental feeding. Also used as a food supplement for all cats, including those that are convalescing, pregnant or lactating. Contains taurine, arginine, fat, protein, vitamins & minerals.

Prepare KittyMilk freshly for each feeding,  mix the powder with lukewarm water in a nursing kit.

• For very young kittens (less than 7 days old) or malnourished kittens, mix 1 level measure KittyMilk with 2 measures lukewarm water
• For older kittens (7 days and older) mix 2 level measures KittyMilk with 3 measures of lukewarm water

• Contains amino acids that are essential for  healthy growth and function of cats

• Contains Biotin, Folic Acid and Fluoride, for healthy bone, tooth and skin development and maintenance

• Is high in zinc, which is important for a healthy skin and fur

• Has been formulated to supply the nutrient and energy requirements of young growing cats or geriatric cats with poor appetite or recovering from illness

• Cats love the taste of KittyMilk